How does YouTube ranking work

Now, almost all business produces minimum one video for their business. So, video marketing is mandatory for every business. Your video will not get ranked on YouTube as well as google without promotion.


In this article, I am going to share 10 years of working experience with video marketing.


If you want to rank any video on google or YouTube then you need to know YouTube or google algorithms. Every business marketing department should have knowledge of the video ranking before hiring any freelancer. They should not depend on freelancers only. If you follow my sharing method of YouTube promotion, then you must be successful on YouTube!


What is the difference between Google SEO and YouTube SEO?


Google SEO (SEO for Website); When you are going to share any post on your website then it is getting link according to google.


Video SEO (SEO for YouTube Video): when you are going to share your video on any social media platform or blog site, then it is not a link until engagement according to YouTube. According to YouTube ranking policy, if your video gets a million links from a lot of platforms, but people are not engaging with the video, then it is not a link. So engagement is everything on YouTube.


Best time to get ranked on YouTube: If you want to get ranked on YouTube then your video should start getting views immediately in 1-8 hours. Try to start to promote the video immediately as soon as possible. If your video starts getting views in a few hours, then the YouTube algorithm starts recommending your video to other people.